I've just started the google code project called cs-tools (Commandline Support Tools).
This will be a container for my set of scripts supporting the administration of Sun Java Communications Suite components.
Project Home: http://code.google.com/p/cs-tools/

There's also the first one perl program - rmdom.pl - you could use to simplify the deletion and purge process of hosted domain.

Sample session:

# perl rmdom.pl
fe : frontend.localdomain
be : backend.localdomain
ldap: ldap.localdomain:389
bind dn: cn=dirmgr
bind passwd:
domain: rmdom.pl
mail domain ok
cal domain ok
active users: 2
active groups: 1
are you sure (yes to confirm)? yes
domain deleted
domain purged



DateTime set: Object cannot be written

Very lately (about fifteen minutes ago) I had to resolve the time issue from the ELOM level of Sun Fire X2200.
It couldn't be done, because:

/SP/AgentInfo -> show


DateTime = 01/03/1970-02:56:23

/SP/AgentInfo -> set DateTime="09/22/2009-00:22:00"
set: Object cannot be written

So, it's the place where the ipmitool could be used.
Ipmitool need the three kernel modules to be loaded:
* ipmi_si
* ipmi_devintf
* ipmi_msghandler

The time can be adjusted with an argument set of the ipmitool's SEL (System Event Log) subcommand.
Sample Linux command line session:

# ipmitool sel time get
Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0: No such file or directory
Get SEL Time command failed
# lsmod | grep ipmi
# modprobe ipmi_devintf
# modprobe ipmi_si
# lsmod | grep ipmi
ipmi_si 57164 0
ipmi_devintf 20624 0
ipmi_msghandler 50680 2 ipmi_si,ipmi_devintf
# ipmitool sel time get
01/01/1970 22:07:22

# ipmitool sel time set "09/22/2009 00:22:00"

# ipmitool sel time get
09/22/2009 00:22:03