Disable IPv6 in OpenSolaris 2009.06

I always want the system works in a way I like it. This way comes with running only the things I really need.
I do not want IPv6 protocol stack when it's useless.

Here, it's a short recipe how it could be achieved.

First, remove the IPv6 from network auto-magic interface configuration.
Add the following entry to /etc/nwam/llp file:

e1000g0 noipv6 dhcp

Now, you could permanently disable the ndp with:

svcadm disable ndp

It's no persistant across reboots without the modification of /etc/nwam/llp.

The second step is not so obvious. Some people in OpenSolaris team want it / like it / need it. I don't care.
I want it to be disabled.
The loopback inet6 interface is being plumbed form inside the /lib/svc/method/net-loopback method of SMF - svc:/network/loopback:default
I replace the original call with an IF condition of IPv6 entry existence inside the /etc/inet/hosts

# IPv6 loopback
if ( egrep "^::1" /etc/inet/hosts ); then
/sbin/ifconfig lo0 inet6 plumb ::1 up

To polish the final result we should disable the sendmail ipv6 interface binding.
I commented out the relevant line of /etc/mail/sendmail.cf file:

0 DaemonPortOptions=Name=MTA-v4, Family=inet
#0 DaemonPortOptions=Name=MTA-v6, Family=inet6