Yesterday I have realized that I do not remember how to prepare the ldif file. But not just a simple ldif with a few lines of add/modify/delete subcommands. I have forgotten how to use the SLAMD project's tool - MakeLDIF. As far as I remember there was the jar - MakeLDIF. It was, but now there is not. It had taken a few moments before I found the solution. Here you go:

$ find . -name *.jar | grep -i make
$ cd tools/MakeLDIF
$ perl -e 's/(^define suffix=).*/\1o=ods/' -pi example.template
$ perl -e 's/(^define numusers)=.*/\1=1000/' -pi exa*
$ perl -e 's/(^define maildomain)=.*/\1=wisnios\.com/' -pi exa*
$ head -3 exa*
define suffix=o=ods
define maildomain=wisnios.com
define numusers=1000
$ cd ..
$ ./make-ldif.sh -t MakeLDIF/example.template -o ~/ods1k.ldif
Processed 1000 entries
Processing complete.
1002 total entries written.

And the process view of similar command execution:

/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.5.0/bin/java -server -Xms512m -Xmx512m com.slamd.tools.makeldif.MakeLDIF
-r /export/home/slamd200-20090712/tools/MakeLDIF -t /tmp/ods.template -o /tmp/ods100k.ldif

Merry Xmas!


AIX stat equivalent

$ istat /usr/sbin/lsuser
Inode 115447 on device 10/5 File
Protection: r-xr-xr-x Set UID
Owner: 0(root) Group: 7(security)
Link count: 1 Length 84080 bytes

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* lsuser hint
To display the attributes of all the users, use the ALL keyword:

$ lsuser ALL