disable solaris services

Solaris installation comes with wide range of exposed net services. You could reduce it by using netservices limited command or by applying Generic Limited Networking profile of services.

# cd /var/svc/profile
# mv generic.xml _generic.xml
# ln -s generic_limited_net.xml generic.xml
# svccfg apply /var/svc/profile/generic_limited_net.xml

Unfortunately there are still some of them left, ex. webconsole, rpc/bind.
I like plain environment, with only ssh service exposed. It could be simply done with this litte piece of code:


SERVICES='autofs cde fc-cache ktkt_warn management ogl-select print rpc sendmail stfsloader stosreg webconsole'

netservices limited

for S in $SERVICES; do
for SVC in `svcs |sed "/$S/!d;s/.*\ svc/svc/"`; do
svcadm disable $SVC

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