Sun Java System Directory Server Platform Support

SJSDSPS... nice title ;-)

Since yesterday I've been looking forward for the Directory Server installator for AIX (6.1) system. I know, there is still the OpenDS, but I want the same solution I know from Solaris. The last possible download of DS for AIX (5.2), available on the official Sun Microsystems web site, is Directory Server 5.2 P4 Full Distribution and Directory Server 5.2 P6 Patch. There's no opportunity to get the Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE).

I thought I missed something. Maybe Sun guys do not like IBM guys.
Than, I've found this - http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-2759/eof-platform-support :

In future releases of Directory Server Enterprise Edition, support for Windows 2000, Red Hat Advanced Server 3.0, and J2SE platform 1.4 may be removed. Support for the native install package releases for platforms other than the Solaris operating system might be removed. Support for 32–bit versions of the software might be discontinued for some platforms. To be prepared, plan the transition to 64–bit versions of the software and to newer versions of the supported operating systems.

"Might be" or "has been" makes a difference.

And one more quotation - http://docs.sun.com/source/819-1815/index.html :

Directory Server 5.2 Patch 6 is available on the following platforms:
· IBM AIX 5.2 (Power PC) (32 bit)

The original release of Directory Server 5.2 has not been validated on IBM AIX 5.2. However, this update is validated on IBM AIX 5.2. The original release of Directory Server 5.2 has been validated on IBM AIX 5.1, but IBM AIX 5.1 is no longer supported by IBM.

So, the guilty of lack of AIX support for Directory Server is IBM itself. Am I wrong or right?
But, it's related to AIX 5.2. What about AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1? I don't know the answer. Anybody?


Ludovic said...

AIX support was dropped with DSEE 6.x, for a couple of reasons :
- The amount of revenue generated on AIX was much lower than the cost of producing and testing the product.
- The platform itself was not a supported platform of the Java Enterprise Systems and some parts used by Directory Server were not available on AIX.

Sun OpenDS Standard Edition is not supported on AIX either, but the OpenDS project has been tested and used successfully on AIX by some members of the community.


Marcin Wiśnios said...

Thank you for the explanations.