maximum number of instances of the package

Sometimes there is a need of existence of concurrent versions of the same package.
It is not a issue why, but how to achieve this behaviour.

During the normal installation procedure of the package, with the same name but different version then already installed one,
there is a chance to see a similar message:

# pkgadd -d somepkg*dstream
Current administration requires that a unique instance of the
<somepkg> package be created. However, the maximum number of
instances of the package which may be supported at one time on the
same system has already been met.

No changes were made to the system.

To resolve the conflict change the value of MAXINST variable from inside the pkginfo file
(during the package build process).

For example, to allow the coexistence of maximum number of two packages use the following:


# pkgadd -d somepkg*dstream

Installation of <somepkg.2> was successful.

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